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Aaron Newton – Technical Creative
About Me
I am a technical creative currently working in the simulation design space. I have 2+ years experience working with simulation teams and 4+ years experience working with digital media agencies. My passions are 3d modelling and game asset creation, but I also have a strong background in programming and web development.

This is a portfolio of my work from the last couple of years.

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What I Do
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  • 3d

    I love modelling, rendering, game modding and everything related to 3d. Please take a moment to check out my gallery.

  • Web Design

    I currently work as a web developer at RockSolid Consulting. I continue to have a deep interest in web technologies as they evolve. 

  • Computer Science

    I’m currently studying a Master of Computing Technology at USQ. Some of my key interests are artificial intelligence and search algorithms.